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skin cancer

Skin cancer & Causes, Symptoms, of skin cancer, Self-examination and Treatment of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a type of malignant skin tumor. Exposed parts of the body such as the face, neck, hands, back, etc. are part of the typical skin cancer. It is mentally and physically disturbed patient karekintu malignant cancer can be detected in time when many feel useful in the treatment at the hospital to be examined hayayehetu Skin cancer self-exam is difficult, so the approach are: Symptoms of skin cancer : 1) Skin colour : skin a combination of various colors such as brown, black, red, white, blue, etc. 2) the surface of the skin, rough skin becomes uparibhagah can and in many cases some of the emissions may be fluid. 3) the body or tailasunyata edima uparibhagera skin may occur. 4) as well as the unusual feeling of itching, irritation, burns, etc.-can be felt. Causes of skin cancer: The...
Bone cance

Bone cancer & Causes , Symptoms and Treatment of Bone cancer

Bone of malignant tumors of the bone cancer genetic name. Among the most common bone cancer include asteosarakoma, kyanadrasarakoma, phaibrasarakoma etc. Generally bone cell, bone hematopayetika material, cartilage or bone desamayeda or sainobhala material may be its origin. This two-part primary and secondary bone cancer. Secondary bone cancer is usually pelvis, vertebra, etc. phimara ones. Primary bone cancer is very rare. Most of the other cancers, such as breast cancer kyansarai sister, thyroid cancer, prostate cancer, etc., as a result, and then it is called sister metastatika cancer. Bone Cancer Rates All cancers in the bone cancer. 2890 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the world, and 1410 people died sisters know. Approximately 30% of bone cancer and the most common is the...
blood cance

Blood cancer & Symptoms, Causes  and Remedies for blood cancer

Cancer is a word, we are more or less familiar to everyone, because it is rarely to be found among us who do not have any relatives or distant relationship which was not affected by these diseases, or ever wanted to help him, and for the treatment of some cancers. But the reality is we are fucked the neglect of this disease. AIDS is a deadly disease like cancer fucked straight in, but the extra flash, the AIDS disease is the man in the dark. Are again in cancer blood / Uterus / Breast / Skin several varied, egulura prakopai in our country than blood cancers, but in most cases demonstrate bakiguluo is indeterminate. Symptoms: The specific symptoms of blood Cancer can be found in health, but the next day and suddenly diagnosed with cancer in his report, the patient himself that he did not understand...
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teen depression

Teen depression & symptoms, Lifestyle and home remedies

Teen depression Teen depression is a kind of problem in young generation that causes a feeling of sadness and loss of interest in work. It causes more thinks, feels and behaves, and it can cause also emotional, functional and physical problems as a result become a fatal . Teen depression isn’t considered as a weakness or something that can be overcome with well power — it can have serious effect and requires long-term treatment. Teen depression is treated by various ways in psychological changes . Symptoms The symptoms of depression are seen at young generation. They may cause suddenly or become slowly over time. It is difficult to recognize that symptoms may be join and that children might have a depression. Physical symptoms: Body movements that seem slow , slow activities , restless,...

Children health & when and how to take care children

Children Health Children mean always beautiful. They should get proper care for growing up . There is no substitute for a mother’s milk after the birth of the child. Mother’s milk is good food. Feeding Milk does not need to specify any time. Child’s mother can realize that when the child got hungry. When the child needs fed. But when six months the baby should be given complementary foods .To keep intact Health tempting and choosing the right diet is very important . Fish, meat or pulses, milk, rice or bread, fruit, vegetables, water, these five varieties of food in our daily diet protect our health. Such amount of the foods can be taken so the balanced of kelori, vitamins, khanija-salt, pani four thing are properly met for a diet. Every fish, meat or eggs can not be raised...
children cold

Winter illnesses and remedies of children

Seasons of the sensitive nature of cold cuts can be realized easily. Growth competed with cold air humidity declines. Opportunity to reduce the moisture in the air, the virus spreads easily in dry climates. In contrast, dry weather is hampering the normal breathing. Our respiratory system become easily infected. The fluctuations in temperature relationship with the human immune power. Less than normal temperature decreases the power of human disease-resistant enzymes. In winter, the normal disease-prevention power weakens. Especially in the neonatal (born 8 days) and the baby outside the new environment and disease resistance (immune system) due to weak winter children are affected more. Cold winter’s cold, Katheer, sneezing, fever, shortness of breath, skin, chicken Fox and increased...
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Common Diseases


Common fever & way of affect , kinds of fever and remedy

Common Cold or cold : The trend in our country is a viral cold. Cold if patients feel sick, feverish takes effect, over the head, nose and shed water. Comes sneeze. Mucus through the nose can leave. The nose can be turned off. Neck pain, may increase the number of white blood cells. More children than adults in cold trend. Because the virus is found in a variety of weather changes, cold illness. Children are affected about seven-eight times this cold is a viral infection in a year. Children are not as if the house is more sick, more than sick when the school is open. Because the order of the infection the virus spreads rapidly through. Any child to school if they are cold, infection spreads rapidly among the other children. So if a child is sick because of the cold not to force him to school....

Back pain & Symptom, casuases and Remedies

There are many causes of back pain. 90 percent of the ‘mechanical problems. Mechanical problems, spinal cord to the muscles, partially torn, the disc between two vertebrae problems, change the positions of the vertebrae and the spinal curvature transition is specified. Movement of subsistence, too much to carry the load or weight, spinal extra movement, continuous sitting or standing in any work, spinal injuries positional error is above the waist. Other factors that increase the spinal decay, knotty arthritis, osteoporosis, spinal neurological problems, tumors, cancer, bone TB, waist muscle problems, a variety of abdominal viscera, disease or infection, several problems, spinal cord blood ductwork problems, malnutrition The problem, fat or extra weight, etc. corporation. Symptom Waist...

Asthma & It’s Causes, Symptoms and Cure of Asthma

The bronchial asthma or asthma-term inflammatory diseases. This is a result of inflammation of bronchial inflammation and become highly sensitive. Asthma symptoms, such as cough, shortness of breath, chest tightness and wheezing begin. All the symptoms can be controlled and adjusted as a result of treatment. Different types of drugs used in the treatment of asthma, as well as disease-depressant drugs, disease prevention or drug resistance. The drugs would have an idea about how it works, what their exact dimensions, these are generally what the side effects and can be used in some medicines. Causes of asthma :- Asthma can be any age. However, it is not infectious or contagious. Increased bronchial responsiveness to inflammatory. As a result, frequent coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain,...
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back pain

Back pain & The most common reasons of back pain

Back pain is the leading cause of back pain is a continuous sitting. Most of the time we are in the office or for any other reason I am sitting in a chair continuously. Which results in severe pain in the back. Let us assume that, if back pain or back pain, get rid of things that simply should not be.  1. Sitting in the wrong way: It is absolutely the wrong way, which we do a lot of sit down. If we sit in the correct manner if the back pain is not a problem. You should not sit in a manner which applies pressure to the joints of the body. This pressure is due to back pain. Sitting in the correct manner, we ought to know the rules and follow them yourself. 2 . Physical exercise: Physical exercise muscle structure, to normalize the body’s blood circulation, reduce pain to the early starters....

Headaches & types , symptoms and treatment for headache

Headache is a very common problem in everyday life. While most annoying headache, but most of the head kind of pain does not indicate serious disease. About 90 percent of migraine and anxiety are responsible for headaches. Types of headache    There are many types of headache . Anxiety headache or tension headache, migraine headache, headache for eye , sinus headache , urgent headache , head pain for hormone . Moreover, brain tumor, brain membranes inside the blood, high blood pressure, headache, etc are responsible for headache . Tension headache or anxiety Head pain is on both sides of the head. Intense pressure is felt on the head and neck pain may be infected. Stress may increase the pain. Men, women are equally affected. Symptoms: Headache, usually on the back of the head . Headache...

Smoking & its effects , positive aspects, Negative aspect and Remedies

Smoking is the use of  tobacco which is burned and  make smoke taking with breathe . Breathe into the burning smoke, but basically told him that smoking tobacco products are identified as burns, smoke, take the smoke. Smoking effects  Smoking is injurious to health, it is not the only medical scientist or health professional husiyari signal, that well-known. Understand aspects of smoking a prominent sociologist, said, “Drink poison but leave smoking.” That deadly than smoking bisapanera. But with the death of the bisapanera dhumke dhumke people die as a result of smoking. As a result, social and mental breakdown. Sure ill person towards society. Protect the health of smoking, body structure and resistance to various diseases, no benefit will not hurt, it auto-Smokers recognize. Smoking...
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Liver disease & Symptoms , spread and cure of liver disease

The liver is the largest organ in the body. Such a large it is very important in the body . For the peace of body needs to keep a healthy liver. Sickness in our body is to bring the lever problem , pain and even quit prematurely. Like any other instrument or machine to machine the body with energy. The energy comes from food. We eat direct energy can be produced from it. Complex food is processed by the liver is stored in suitable for energy production and energy production in the cells according to the body’s cells. The liver is the body’s power-house. Not only that, the body produces a variety of contaminated material from the body to the liver and is pure. Unintentional or intentional toxic substances enter the body by the liver . Different types of protein substances which are...
dengue fever

Dengue fever & Its Symptoms, causes and cure

Dengue fever is common as a fever viruses. Aedes mosquito bites due to the dengue virus usually enters the body. However, other fevers, such as typhoid and dengue fever with common dengue infected person is the main difference from the first day of the 102-to 103-degree fever have suffered. Causes of dengue fever: Dengue Fever ‘flu-like fever,’ ‘a type (arabo virus) virus infection-induced fever. The Aedes mosquito bites microbiological fever. 7 or more days of the disease, characterized by a persistent high fever Treatment of fever in there again and there is no vaccine to prevent infection. Once the fever and the most likely to be dengue. 3 types of dengue fever are: Dengue Fever (Normal), the majority of which are Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (including blood) of dengue fever...
aids -

HIV or AIDS & Signs and symptoms, Causes and Remedies

HIV or AIDS is a life-threatening health problems. The HIV / AIDS is no effective treatment has been discovered. The best way to prevent transmission of HIV prevention, treatment, and study and awareness about AIDS. AIDS is an infectious disease, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus infection. It weakens the body’s immune system. HIV infection and other diseases such as pneumonia, may even cancer. HIV infection next dhapakei AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is called. Depending on the phase of infection with HIV and AIDS symptoms are different. Signs and symptoms of AIDS Usually in the early stages of infection: Fever Headache Broken neck Lymph node swelling arise (Swollen lymph glands) Body reddish grains (Rash) signs and symptoms. The next time the infection usually Joint...
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Health Tips


Some healthy foods can give you sound body and mind

There are a lot of hidden solution of health problems in natural resource .some changes in the list of foods every day can be a healthy life. we can add some new food and also deduct some food from list . Some of the foods are given below which can benefit our health . Spinach and other vegetables There are plenty of herbs and magnesium in spinach. Magnesium in the body by increasing blood flow. According to researchers in Japan, increases the flow of blood in the body . Spinach and other assorted greens, broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage contains these Follett, B vitamins and other antioxidants. These are some of the ingredients needed for a healthy body . Tea without sugar If you drink tea without sugar and milk everyday antioxidant found in the body. Sometimes tea can set up and running...
eating disorders

Eating Disorder & Symptoms, Causes and Prevention of eating Disorder

Eating Disorder Eating disorders causes the restriction in normal eating behavior, such as excessive and unhealthy reduction of food intake or extreme overeating, as well as feelings of distress or excessive concern about body shape or weight. Eating habits is controlled by many factors, including appetite, food availability, family, peer, and cultural practices, and attempts at voluntary control. Dieting to a body weight leaner than needed for health is highly advanced by current fashion trends, sales campaigns for healthy foods, and in some activities and professions. Specialist are searching how and why initially suo motu behaviors, such as eating smaller or big amounts of food than usual, at some point move beyond control in some people and develop into an eating disorder. Studies on the...

Tobacco & Causes of addicted, Detriment of tobacco use and How to reduce the use of tobacco

Tobacco: Tobacco leaves in a small plant, which is grown in almost all over the world.  In the sixteenth century from South America brought tobacco to europe. Since prehistoric times people have used tobacco in different ways , pipes, cigars, chewing tobacco, in addition to landed, chewing tobacco, etc. people get habit to use tobacco from friends or colleagues . After the regular use of tobacco people affect by nicotine which is in tobacco . Causes of addicted: There are many causes to addict in using tobacco . Many people are addicted by their friends or to see from their parents . Most of the cases are responsible for the failure from any struggle . Some people suffer from frustration as a result they take many kinds of drugs and also take tobacco . When any person rejected from job, loss...
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food of pregnancy

pragenant women & proper Care of pragenant women

The health of the unborn child depends on health and nutrition of pregnant mother . At the time Insufficient food and malnutrition can be fatal for the mother and baby. Infected malnourished mothers give birth the low weight, unhealthy children . Providing the necessary nutrients from the mother’s body during pregnancy children raise properly. In the case of being sick of the mother’s health is not met when the mother supply the nutrition to the child . For this during pregnancy the mother should eat more food than the usual amount . Some of the girls become pregnant at an early age in our country, and almost everyone is suffering from malnutrition. Malnourished children born as a result sometimes women who give birth the dead child . Prenatal care: Eat 3 meals per day regularly...
breast cancer

Breast cancer & Symptoms , Causes and Treatment of breast cancer

Death rates of breast cancer is the most in women . Usually more than 50-year-olds had the highest risk of this cancer. Actually, this is the amazing thing about cancer women were more aware, but was trying to force men to be aware of. Because breast cancer can occur in men. Although men and breast cancer rates are very low. Seen as one of 41 women with breast cancer in some country each year are compared to only 300 men were affected.when Some of the cells of the breast grew abnormal then occurs breast cancer . For most women, this disease causes a panic . Symptoms of breast cancer : Breast cancer usually occurs in the following symptoms: Breast to feel like a resin Blood comes out from the Pap Changing the breast size and shape Changing breast skin , such as toll-read Pap goes into the inner...

Dandruff and how to remedy from dandruff naturally

Dandruff is a big threaten to all of us. After passing summer the winter comes with cold weather. The dam at the dandruff spread across the whole hair. The results from the head to drop large amounts of hair. One reason for the increased incidence of winter we have a bath with warm water in the winter, which is the head of the dry skins . Many of us do not know, maybe that’s too cold or too much heat is increased dandruff nuisance. If you have the ingredients on hand without the use of chemicals products, natural way to get rid of dandruff, but the patience to read the whole article, to remove, you will certainly benefit. Fenugreek 3 tablespoons lemon water for the whole night and the next day is a very good way to take ground. Then, with one tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with 1 teaspoon...