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Blood cancer & Symptoms, Causes  and Remedies for blood cancer

Cancer is a word, we are more or less familiar to everyone, because it is rarely to be found among us who do not have any relatives or distant relationship which was not affected by these diseases, or ever wanted to help him, and for the treatment of some cancers. But the reality is we are fucked the neglect of this disease. AIDS is a deadly disease like cancer fucked straight in, but the extra flash, the AIDS disease is the man in the dark.

Are again in cancer blood / Uterus / Breast / Skin several varied, egulura prakopai in our country than blood cancers, but in most cases demonstrate bakiguluo is indeterminate.

Symptoms: The specific symptoms of blood Cancer can be found in health, but the next day and suddenly diagnosed with cancer in his report, the patient himself that he did not understand most of the deadly disease
Frequent fever (it is the most common symptoms)blood cance
Matter of Night
Extreme weakness and fatigue
Loss of appetite and weight loss have
Swollen or bleeding gums eat thele
Small katachara much bleeding
Neurological symptoms (headaches)
Inflammatory liver and splina
Little grazes
Of bones
Joint pain
Tonsils swell

Causes of blood cancer

There is no particular reason for any type of Blood cancer . Leukemia is a variety of different reasons, and those reasons are not known well. According to the researchers, the following four ideas most probable cause:

Natural or synthetic ion radiation
Certain chemical substances
Some viruses
Genetic somewhat jammagata

This causes a lot of confusion, especially those with little education, he found disease patients wander mischief. A cancer patient had not requested such injustice. To date, no specific cause of the disease, the researchers were not able to find such a study without even smoking also found no relationship to blood cancer.

Remedies for blood cancer

Blood cancer or leukemia treatment depends on the patient’s age, the type of cancer, the cancer has spread and so on. Chemotherapy treatments are in (some drugs are destroying the cancer cells), radio therapy (through the use of radio waves through the cancer cells are destroyed), bone marrow replaced.

When caught in the early stages of blood cancer or leukemia sampurana goes away.

Sampurana as I can be cured easily, it is not so easy, because the early stage cancer paratai biggest challenge to us to improve the backward desato distant desagulutei gets caught in the early stages of the disease rate is very frustrating, because in most cases, can not understand the patient’s earlier that he has been suffering from severe.

So for most of the patients bone marrow transplantation (Bone Marrow Transplantetion) is mandatory.

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