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Bone cancer & Causes , Symptoms and Treatment of Bone cancer

Bone of malignant tumors of the bone cancer genetic name. Among the most common bone cancer include asteosarakoma, kyanadrasarakoma, phaibrasarakoma etc. Generally bone cell, bone hematopayetika material, cartilage or bone desamayeda or sainobhala material may be its origin.
This two-part primary and secondary bone cancer. Secondary bone cancer is usually pelvis, vertebra, etc. phimara ones. Primary bone cancer is very rare. Most of the other cancers, such as breast cancer kyansarai sister, thyroid cancer, prostate cancer, etc., as a result, and then it is called sister metastatika cancer.
Bone Cancer Rates
All cancers in the bone cancer. 2890 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the world, and 1410 people died sisters know. Approximately 30% of bone cancer and the most common is the asteosarakoma. The young age of 10 years and 0 for this cancer is the most risky, and the proportion of men and women across.
Causes of bone cancer
Bone cancer causes are still not clear but it seems that it may be due to previous injury or chronic infections. There are also other possible causes overgrowth of bone, chronic inflammatory irritation, burns, hereditary reasons, different viruses, blood disorders, radiation exposure, etc..
Symptoms of bone cancerBone cance
1) bone pyathalojikala disaphigaresana.
2) constant back pain.
3) one or more of the body except for the obvious reason Fracture be seen.
4) around the tumor may seem pratyangagulo asleep or numb.
5) a solid lump of rotten shame can be seen on the surface of the bone. As a result, in some cases, the pain may or may not happen.
6), fever, weight loss, fatigue occurs and the body of the slower speed.
7) There may be pain in the joints, and Light Light aneksetre always have pain.
Bone cancer diagnostic test Roopokar:
1) Bone scans can be identified through the photos to see the bone healing.
B) X-rays, emaaraai , Siti Scanning can be detected through a wound.
3) bone tumors are diagnosed with cancer of the tissues without bayapsi. Bayapsi included are:
A) The hospital nidal bayapsih using thin needles of tissue from the tumor is very small test.
B) surgical bayapsih entire tumor or tumors of the skin and cut into small tissue is examined.
Treatment bone cancer
1) iresanah cut some parts of the tumor.
2) ekatomih also a special procedure to remove the tumor.
3) that the tumor of bone is the emuputesana or angacchedah it is to remove it.
Bone Cancer Patient Nursing
1) for sharing a wide variety of nutritional deficiencies in the body to eat nutritious food.
2) to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.
3) smoking, etc. should refrain from yatnahpana.
Mental Nursing
1) The patient should be kept in the vivacity.
2) to provide detailed information about bone cancer, cancer patients, so that he can fight with cancer.
3) family members by his side that he would encourage inspiration and courage.
Bone cancer is the best medicine?
Surgeon, Pathologist, radiation cancer expert, Minimally Invasive Therapies ankalajista, experienced nurses and nursing measures sincere, translators, etc., comprised of multi-disciplinary team of expert consultation to review the status of cancer patients are able to provide the best treatment plan. So this treatment is highly advanced and efficient.

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