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Skin cancer & Causes, Symptoms, of skin cancer, Self-examination and Treatment of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a type of malignant skin tumor. Exposed parts of the body such as the face, neck, hands, back, etc. are part of the typical skin cancer. It is mentally and physically disturbed patient karekintu malignant cancer can be detected in time when many feel useful in the treatment at the hospital to be examined hayayehetu Skin cancer self-exam is difficult, so the approach are:
Symptoms of skin cancer : 1) Skin colour : skin a combination of various colors such as brown, black, red, white, blue, etc.skin cancer
2) the surface of the skin, rough skin becomes uparibhagah can and in many cases some of the emissions may be fluid.
3) the body or tailasunyata edima uparibhagera skin may occur.
4) as well as the unusual feeling of itching, irritation, burns, etc.-can be felt.

Causes of skin cancer: The main Two types of skin cancers are Non-melanoma skin cancer and basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). Some skin cancers are occured from childhood. There are some other ways are also responsible for skin cancer such as serious injury with Rust Iron .

Self-examination of Skin cancer :
Clothes standing in front of the mirror in the palm of the hand, fingers, arm and back check. The hand and elbow joints and the joints of the inner skin of the test.
The front of the body such as the face, neck, chest, abdomen, and lower limbs piubisa test.
Two hands from left to right side of the body to examine the best way.
Stand at the back of the mirror in the hands of a small mirror in the neck, behind the two sides of the skin, the best way to check up from the neck to the hip. This might be useful for someone else.
Very carefully comb the hair of the head of the skin test. This might be useful for someone else.
Now sit back, foot, heels, toes and feet will ask for better monitoring of a mirror to see the back of your legs, make sure there are no scars.
Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, experts say that the body should be no abnormalities in the skin, the patient should go immediately to the hospital for examination and treatment.
Treatment of Skin Cancer :
1) Skin cancer is the most effective treatment is surgery, the surgery to remove the cancer cells are found in the best results.
2) It is also the case of the treatment of skin cancer chemotherapy.
3) Radiation therapy is not the weakness caused by the surgery, the patients in the case of the alternative radio therapy. Radiation therapy to the body’s natural tisyugulo make sure that that is not destroyed.
4) fine-invasive therapy services to meet the shortage of the traditional surgery and chemotherapy. In this therapy, as well as the body’s immune system to destroy cancer cells increases and the revival of cancer prevention. The biggest advantage of it is free, and any kind of surgery, complications are bleeding.
Caution Some of skin cancer:
Firstly, the radio-active substance must be avoided, especially in patients with chronic skin disease or radioactive materials, coal tar and bitumen, etc., in the case of skin cancer are more likely to have been exposed to.
Second, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, experts say that the skin of any abnormalities that should be, such as stiff and swollen nodule and its edges the scattered when, unsolicited, no skin, etc. Skin cancer to develop, older people than the 40-year-olds are usually risk of pancreatic cancer are more

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