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skin cancer

Skin cancer & Causes, Symptoms, of skin cancer, Self-examination and Treatment of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a type of malignant skin tumor. Exposed parts of the body such as the face, neck, hands, back, etc. are part of the typical skin cancer. It is mentally and physically disturbed patient karekintu malignant cancer can be detected in time when many feel useful in the treatment at the hospital to be examined hayayehetu Skin cancer self-exam is difficult, so the approach are: Symptoms of skin cancer : 1) Skin colour : skin a combination of various colors such as brown, black, red, white, blue, etc. 2) the surface of the skin, rough skin becomes uparibhagah can and in many cases some of the emissions may be fluid. 3) the body or tailasunyata edima uparibhagera skin may occur. 4) as well as the unusual feeling of itching, irritation, burns, etc.-can be felt. Causes of skin cancer: The main Two types of skin cancers are Non-melanoma skin cancer and basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous...
Bone cance

Bone cancer & Causes , Symptoms and Treatment of Bone cancer

Bone of malignant tumors of the bone cancer genetic name. Among the most common bone cancer include asteosarakoma, kyanadrasarakoma, phaibrasarakoma etc. Generally bone cell, bone hematopayetika material, cartilage or bone desamayeda or sainobhala material may be its origin. This two-part primary and secondary bone cancer. Secondary bone cancer is usually pelvis, vertebra, etc. phimara ones. Primary bone cancer is very rare. Most of the other cancers, such as breast cancer kyansarai sister, thyroid cancer, prostate cancer, etc., as a result, and then it is called sister metastatika cancer. Bone Cancer Rates All cancers in the bone cancer. 2890 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the world, and 1410 people died sisters know. Approximately 30% of bone cancer and the most common is the asteosarakoma. The young age of 10 years and 0 for this cancer is the most risky, and the proportion...
blood cance

Blood cancer & Symptoms, Causes  and Remedies for blood cancer

Cancer is a word, we are more or less familiar to everyone, because it is rarely to be found among us who do not have any relatives or distant relationship which was not affected by these diseases, or ever wanted to help him, and for the treatment of some cancers. But the reality is we are fucked the neglect of this disease. AIDS is a deadly disease like cancer fucked straight in, but the extra flash, the AIDS disease is the man in the dark. Are again in cancer blood / Uterus / Breast / Skin several varied, egulura prakopai in our country than blood cancers, but in most cases demonstrate bakiguluo is indeterminate. Symptoms: The specific symptoms of blood Cancer can be found in health, but the next day and suddenly diagnosed with cancer in his report, the patient himself that he did not understand most of the deadly disease Frequent fever (it is the most common symptoms) Matter of Night Extreme...