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teen depression

Teen depression & symptoms, Lifestyle and home remedies

Teen depression Teen depression is a kind of problem in young generation that causes a feeling of sadness and loss of interest in work. It causes more thinks, feels and behaves, and it can cause also emotional, functional and physical problems as a result become a fatal . Teen depression isn’t considered as a weakness or something that can be overcome with well power — it can have serious effect and requires long-term treatment. Teen depression is treated by various ways in psychological changes . Symptoms The symptoms of depression are seen at young generation. They may cause suddenly or become slowly over time. It is difficult to recognize that symptoms may be join and that children might have a depression. Physical symptoms: Body movements that seem slow , slow activities , restless, or agitated Feel problem sleeping, or sleeping too much Constant tiredness, lack of energy Uncommon...

Children health & when and how to take care children

Children Health Children mean always beautiful. They should get proper care for growing up . There is no substitute for a mother’s milk after the birth of the child. Mother’s milk is good food. Feeding Milk does not need to specify any time. Child’s mother can realize that when the child got hungry. When the child needs fed. But when six months the baby should be given complementary foods .To keep intact Health tempting and choosing the right diet is very important . Fish, meat or pulses, milk, rice or bread, fruit, vegetables, water, these five varieties of food in our daily diet protect our health. Such amount of the foods can be taken so the balanced of kelori, vitamins, khanija-salt, pani four thing are properly met for a diet. Every fish, meat or eggs can not be raised if there is nothing to worry, instead of in peas, beans, chickpea seeds can be eaten. Rice, sugar...
children cold

Winter illnesses and remedies of children

Seasons of the sensitive nature of cold cuts can be realized easily. Growth competed with cold air humidity declines. Opportunity to reduce the moisture in the air, the virus spreads easily in dry climates. In contrast, dry weather is hampering the normal breathing. Our respiratory system become easily infected. The fluctuations in temperature relationship with the human immune power. Less than normal temperature decreases the power of human disease-resistant enzymes. In winter, the normal disease-prevention power weakens. Especially in the neonatal (born 8 days) and the baby outside the new environment and disease resistance (immune system) due to weak winter children are affected more. Cold winter’s cold, Katheer, sneezing, fever, shortness of breath, skin, chicken Fox and increased incidence of diarrhea, etc. The child takes the form of cold, the mothers should be too much crime....

Etopika eczema or dermatitis & Symptoms and Treatment

Atopika eczema or dermatitis is a very common skin disease in children. Of the disease occurs in children over the years, their father matara most cases without chutichuti doctor receives no benefits. In many cases, children in the treatment of leprosy cases is the wrong treatment. In most cases, all kinds of children’s disease was first approached the parents of a child with the experts. Children are the primary cikitsata there. But it turns out that the treatment of skin diseases in children in most cases high Pediatricians doing drugs or being treated aprayajaniya. In many cases, the treatment of a fault occurring. Almost all countries in the world to treat skin diseases, skin diseases in children are bisesajnaganai. Pediatric dermatology department has a separate category for the children. But we have the money to pursue the young drama lojista Professor everyone see patients of...