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Children health & when and how to take care children

Children Health

Children mean always beautiful. They should get proper care for growing up . There is no substitute for a mother’s milk after the birth of the child. Mother’s milk is good food. Feeding Milk does not need to specify any time. Child’s mother can realize that when the child got hungry. When the child needs fed. But when six months the baby should be given complementary foods .To keep intact Health tempting and choosing the right diet is very important . Fish, meat or pulses, milk, rice or bread, fruit, vegetables, water, these five varieties of food in our daily diet protect our health. Such amount of the foods can be taken so the balanced of kelori, vitamins, khanija-salt, pani four thing are properly met for a diet. Every fish, meat or eggs can not be raised if there is nothing to worry, instead of in peas, beans, chickpea seeds can be eaten. Rice, sugar and ghee are given as food for children in many educated family .

6-7 month old baby foods
At this age of the child’s weight about 6 kg , needs 700 kilocalories . Complementary foods should start this time. Rather late children understand the taste of food and don’t want to eat.
Milk with Semolina cooked to begin baby’s first foods. Rice powder, wheat flour, can be fed boiled milk and thin. Seasonal fruits such as banana, ripe papaya, sweet fruit, the child can be given.

7-9 months old baby foods
Children at this age are somewhat mature and able to take the fruits and cereals. This time Need to increase the demand the calorie of food . Reduce the amount of water from foods can be a bit crass food . At the time, the child tries to hold in your hands. Leads to the attraction of color, and the attraction of food increases. Such as cauliflower, bean, papaya, such as the vegetables are soft, the perfect baby to digest. Baby food has a little oil. As a result, the fat is easily absorbed vitamin products.

9-12 months old baby foods
This time, around the adult foods can be given to the children. More than ever, children could eat solids. Soft hodgepodge, boiled eggs, peas, rice, milk, bread, yogurt, juice, bread pudding, etc are given to feed the baby. Soup, soup of the meat 4-5 times can be made for the child.

babyTake Care the children
When children grow slowly, many things are tought to him. Because they learn from parents and families as they learn from someone else, it will have to follow up. When They thing to do some thing, so that they crying for that . But now she is in her desire to have increased even more. He is the all-time parents, as they say, wants to do it. As a result, parents and family members to spend time with him, quite happily. But from an early age can be explained in the midst of learning how to learn, but he continues to emulate. If a child in front of her family members who does bad things or bad behavior, but it is learned. 13-14 years of age, with the family, with the result that he started badly. He literally lying, trying to chat with other friends of the school evasion. As a result of her along with her parents like him now, the way how the family was worried parena swapped. How about its future can be inserted in his head. But the parents do not have nothing to do. So every family in which children learn from an early age, but it will apply to become bigger. From an early age, he is the great sin of lying, and he believes that’s it. Gradually he is big, he learns everything from the environment and people. So from an early age to teach children if something like this can be found in the course of his good results. He is able to train others. Otherwise, when the children came in the worst trends, there is a way to control it. As a result of the child’s parents suffer from mental stress. So every parent and family members of people with the proper education of children from an early age should be developed as a people. In the teachings of his childhood is good, but of course he will be the best way to help others, continues. How to teach children something like .

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