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Winter illnesses and remedies of children

Seasons of the sensitive nature of cold cuts can be realized easily. Growth competed with cold air humidity declines. Opportunity to reduce the moisture in the air, the virus spreads easily in dry climates. In contrast, dry weather is hampering the normal breathing. Our respiratory system become easily infected. The fluctuations in temperature relationship with the human immune power. Less than normal temperature decreases the power of human disease-resistant enzymes. In winter, the normal disease-prevention power weakens. Especially in the neonatal (born 8 days) and the baby outside the new environment and disease resistance (immune system) due to weak winter children are affected more.
Cold winter’s cold, Katheer, sneezing, fever, shortness of breath, skin, chicken Fox and increased incidence of diarrhea, etc. The child takes the form of cold, the mothers should be too much crime. Mom’s a little awareness and prevention, nutrition and balanced diet and some nimaya-salubrious following winter children from various symptoms and disease will be more healthy, that can easily be said.children cold
We are here because of the cold, cold, and other instructions from the discussion of the means of survival karachi
Due to the cold, it may take
* Wakes up in the morning on a cold wind hit.
* Warm clothing during the winter unless the child.
* Winter cold water (tape, water ponds, etc.) on the hand-mouth wash or bathe.
* If you stop breast-feeding infant.
* Parents or family history of allergies or asthma if someone senior.
* Sick person, or come in contact with a sick child.
* If you do not clean the face of the baby’s hands. Scruffy the baby diarrhea or stomach disease may be at hand.
Deficiency of adequate nutritious food for winter.
* Winter infected infants lack of proper medical treatment, the disease can be increased.
Ways to survive the cold
* Please refrain from shaving the head of a newborn baby, because it can be cold.
* Pre-matured Baby (preterm-born children) to be admitted to hospital, freezing occurs.
* Takes the baby so cold (especially in the morning and fog days) crime.
* Baby warm hat, put it on hands and feet, socks and sweaters.
* Refrigerator cold water, ice cream, cold drinks and yogurt, preventing the child from eating.
* Baby regular hand-mouth clean and bathe every day (bath, wash your face and hands in the warm water).
* Give your child a regular breast milk to drink (and eat nutritious food more than 6 months old baby extra days).
Change the baby is up at night times.
* Put yourself in the baby swing or not to separate bichanaya. Stay involved with the body becomes possible.
* Since there is fear of infection from contact with others to keep sick children.
Disease, which takes into
Maintaining hygiene is little conscious and very low probability of disease is usually complex. The most important, in the winter a little runny nose, sneezing, or fever-Katheer-primarily for the general treatment nitelai be enough. Otherwise, she may be neglect. Asthma, pneumonia diseases like cold, you may have reached the final stage of the disease, the child should go to the hospital. So baby do not feel so cold towards the need to keep in mind. More than one year old child to gargle with warm water mixed with a little salt on it. A few drops of ginger juice mixed with one teaspoon of honey and eat it. Pep the page with the color of tea, lemon and Tulsi leaves can be mixed, the severity of cold symptoms will reduce the child comfortable. If diarrhea and other liquid foods Panisunyata meet oral rehydration and breast milk Keep the child will recover soon. Baby for any illness experienced homeopathic doctor. Children more effective homeopathic ausadhai, it was experience. The ones whose children fell ill and hereditary disease, the treatment will take them to hospital without delay.

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