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Back pain & The most common reasons of back pain

Back pain is the leading cause of back pain is a continuous sitting. Most of the time we are in the office or for any other reason I am sitting in a chair continuously. Which results in severe pain in the back. Let us assume that, if back pain or back pain, get rid of things that simply should not be. back pain

1. Sitting in the wrong way:
It is absolutely the wrong way, which we do a lot of sit down. If we sit in the correct manner if the back pain is not a problem. You should not sit in a manner which applies pressure to the joints of the body. This pressure is due to back pain. Sitting in the correct manner, we ought to know the rules and follow them yourself.

2 . Physical exercise:
Physical exercise muscle structure, to normalize the body’s blood circulation, reduce pain to the early starters. This is not regular physical exercise also creates a back injury. We should protect the body from a back injury and physical exercise every rule.

3. In order to eliminate the thought:
If back pain is a disease which is never completely eradicated. Once the pain of physical exercise, but if it goes on forever and the rules of the result, it is possible to keep under control. But many are seeking to eliminate it altogether. Many different types of drugs are. Which is nothing more than a side effect of some of the results.

4. To carry heavy things:
The pain increased more carry heavy things. This leads to pain in the muscles and bone and joint pressure. We should do this not simply because of the back pain.

5. Listening to the pain of others:
It’s like a psychotic. If you heard from anyone in her unbearable pain, then the pain will increase too. It is also of concern. So as much as possible refrain from listening to other people’s pain and tragic story.

6. Smoking:
If you smoke, it will have a major impact on your health. Moreover, some studies have found that smoking is low back pain problems. So smoking and stay healthy.

7. Not going to the doctor:
Many are looking forward to the pain that the pain will go to the doctor right away. But it did not do so simply. You know that you have a back injury and the pain is often unbearable to you. Indeed, from the beginning, and he acts according to the doctor.

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