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Headaches & types , symptoms and treatment for headache

Headache is a very common problem in everyday life. While most annoying headache, but most of the head kind of pain does not indicate serious disease. About 90 percent of migraine and anxiety are responsible for headaches.

Types of headache headaches


There are many types of headache . Anxiety headache or tension headache, migraine headache, headache for eye , sinus headache , urgent headache , head pain for hormone . Moreover, brain tumor, brain membranes inside the blood, high blood pressure, headache, etc are responsible for headache .

Tension headache or anxiety

Head pain is on both sides of the head. Intense pressure is felt on the head and neck pain may be infected. Stress may increase the pain. Men, women are equally affected.
Headache, usually on the back of the head .
Headache lasts for weeks or months. The pain intensity may vary at different times.
Headaches may occur at any time of the day.
Felt the pressure. But never feel fever with headache .
Treatment is usually by pain-relieving medicine .

Headache of migraine

10-15 percent of people are infected with this type of head pain. Migraine is more common in women. Usually from the age of 15-16 years and in most cases the symptoms of migraine can last up to 40-50 years of age. Migraine attacks can increase the levels of serotonin in the brain chemical carriers and heads the nerve is expanded.
Head pain, usually on one side of the head (forehead, headache half). However, the pain may spread to the head.
Head pain, nausea, and can even lead to disease.
When the patient can not tolerate light.
This type of headache can go a few hours, but the day-long is too low.
Rose migraine, may be a week or a month.
Anxiety, alcohol is more than headaches. Cheese, chocolate, etc. Food is more than a headache. Ghumalena head pain is reduced.
There may be a genetic history of migraine.
There is usually no neurological symptoms.
Due to the increased migraine attack, it should be avoided. Such as aspirin or paracetamol to treat as short treatment .

Headache of sinus

Frequently it is cold, the kind of head pain is their sainusaitisa.
Cold or cold feeling in the kind of head pain during or after the start.
Pain in the face or head is limited to a certain place.
Headaches in the morning is more.
If the pain is more than sneezing and coughing. Suddenly, the pain is more than just happy his head.
Winter is over.
X-ray or CT scan for diagnosis.

Eye affected headache

5 percent of headache from eye . Eye sight may be less headaches. The headache can be caused from study for a long time, sewing, watching movies or looking at a computer screen . Any disease of the eye such as Cornea, Irish inflammation, glaucoma, or head pain may be caused. The pain, usually in the eyes, forehead or back of the head are the two sides. For this kind of headache should go to an eye specialist.

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