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Smoking & its effects , positive aspects, Negative aspect and Remedies

Smoking is the use of  tobacco which is burned and  make smoke taking with breathe . Breathe into the burning smoke, but basically told him that smoking tobacco products are identified as burns, smoke, take the smoke.

Smoking effects smoking
Smoking is injurious to health, it is not the only medical scientist or health professional husiyari signal, that well-known. Understand aspects of smoking a prominent sociologist, said, “Drink poison but leave smoking.” That deadly than smoking bisapanera. But with the death of the bisapanera dhumke dhumke people die as a result of smoking. As a result, social and mental breakdown. Sure ill person towards society. Protect the health of smoking, body structure and resistance to various diseases, no benefit will not hurt, it auto-Smokers recognize.
Smoking is similar to other addictive drugs. The most common is a serious addiction. People assume that once you get used to it if you can not give up easily. Smokers can smoke addict myself constantly like other Elvis man. The poverty of those who smoke do not feed jute dumutho pagalapara they are a piece of cigarette. Looking for a cigarette to others who are not ashamed to bow arm. Yet he will not smoke. One day be able to eat rice, but you should not be smoking.
I saw a poor beggar who has collected the second end of the cigarettes consumed by the fire meets passion. Liquor in personal and social life brings evil fruit. Young boys and girls, mainly out of curiosity involved. The adult smart, nobility and maintain social or other habit-forming reaction highlights the fatal disease. Smoking individuals, society and the nation of the curse of living. Curse of the society have to consume. People eat for nutrition, to increase in the body. But the habit of smoking, which is a curse could be nothing more than the destruction of life. The formation of the body that damages the body. The cause of death was caused by smoking habit becomes ever again. Soon the deadly habit of smoking, so should we be eliminated from our society.
Smoking is like a horror deadly kuabhyasa those who received the free fulfilling life. And who has the bad habit grasp is that they lead to ruin. They do not know the extent of the end? I mean those who do not know anything about the consequences of smoking, but those who can not pay for them, I do not mean anything. He seemed sad, when I see a school, college, university educated professor and political people addicted to smoking. Small writer like me, those highly educated and high-class people do not understand how much damage that smoking life. They are talking about people who are ignorant about smoking
You all know that there’s all the positive and negative aspects. But I could not find the smoking of any positive aspects. I do not know whether you’ve got. Without it we can not say that smoking is smoking again. Because we know that some of the liquid to drink and eat some of the objects. But we can not say that we eat and drink, smoking say it can not say. But it can not be eaten because the smoke can not be drinking again. Just drag it to the cigarette smoke in the air and then thrown into the mouth. Bengali grammar of linguistic forms may be what I did. Let’s talk about it and do not need to. Because it is not subject to discussion. Now those who had smoked regularly following certain point they can think of the positive aspects of smoking.
1. Smoking causes the body is relaxed and pleasant.
2. Keeps himself free of worry.
3. Smoking helps to get rid of boring.
4. If you think yourself smart cigarette in hand.
Those who think they are above the 4-point positive to do wrong. I think not, smoking is a positive direction. Smoke damage can not give us anything. Some have done it in the next world is the loss of profit. And some things that are just made the world for the Hereafter is the punishment. But the world is not just the act of smoking in the world, seriously damaging both in the Hereafter. Smoke from the social point of view, if not shocking, the worst crime in Islam. Now before I grabbed one side of smoking. Negative aspect of   Smoking 
1. Body.
2. Financial.
3. Environmental.
The physical aspects are discussed.
1. The first result of smoking decreased sexual ability. This comes down to the turmoil of married life. Family breakdown occurs.
2. Rdugandha smokers face is fierce. Many adhumapayi wife can not tolerate the intolerable stench. The result is the creation of husband and wife jhagarara. This is caused by the breakdown of the family.
3. Smoker’s lips are black.
4. This deadly disease that smoking caused cancer. Cancer man dhuke dhuke worketh death.
5. Life expectancy is reduced.
6. The ulcer.
7. Gastric
8. Lung cancer. Scientists study found that smoking is a type of toxic substances in the smoke, the nicotine to the lungs through the trachea enters, mixed with his blood, and in some parts of the body spread out the smoke comes out with. As a result, the regular people who smoke in their lungs are very gradual accumulation of nicotine, like honeycomb. At one time this poison damaged lungs. The nicotine is very harmful. A healthy human body can be injected with one of twenty cigarettes, nicotine, death is inevitable.
9. Breast cancer.
10. Tuberculosis.
11. Shortness of breath.
1. Asthma.
13. Tooth decay, tooth natural beauty is lost.
14. Stages.
15. Cause of vision. One is blind.
16. Smoking is a major cause of brain raktaranera.
17. Create barriers to the heart and blood circulation.
Over 18. High blood pressure increases.
19. Health destroyed.
0. Ksudhamanda occurs.
21. Pregnant women who smoke them in their child’s body weight will be less. May be the cause of death.
Twenty. It was not just the cigarette, lit another. Smokers who smoke not as if they are sitting in the smoking effect upon them.
Smoke smoking effects on children. Many children suffer from asthma as a result of the toxic smoke can.

Remedies of Smoking
There are a lot more damaging aspects of the physical problems Which can not be exhausted.
Muslim medical scientist Ibn sina said, so the dust of the earth, smoke and gas in the lungs, expecting the people living there were well over a thousand years. ‘
Professor at the University Hospital of Hamburg train villains bug pulmonary specialist said, ” the man-made epidemic of smoking leads to the destruction of civilization is definitely going on. ”
Mahatma jalinusa Hakim said, ‘Ye dhulobali, rotten smell of smoke and stay away from, you do not need treatment excited.’ ‘
Let’s come to the financial losses. Financial terms of the loss of a lot of smoke in our individual lives.
1. After some sticks of cigarettes cigarette smoker who has not put out the fire, where the rest of the cast, there is going to happen because of carelessness causing serious conflagration. The billions wasted in our country is a result of the fire.
2. Let’s assume that if a person goes to the dollar to 10 cigarettes per day are you going to get out of his pocket money to the twentieth day. I do not have to match. This turns out to be a man in the year 7200 600 money from his pocket the money was spent. Depending on the type of smoker is shown here, the estimates may be less than. Now, if the account is brought forward, you will see that 50% of the people of our country smoke. It can be seen that, in the 8 million people, 16 million people are smoking. According to estimates of daily smoking for me now a man 0 if cost is the cost of eight million people daily 160,00,000,00 / – (one hundred sixty million) money. And if so much money is wasted in the day, after a period of years to calculate how much of that is?
Smokers brethren across the way just think if we waste billions every day in our country, how to improve? The money we are orphans, the poor, the poor sad khike’d spent in service, such as mosques, madrassas, onions, school, college, or they would have spent if no trades lagatama developed countries would katana. The others would not have had to hold hands bhiukera for improvement. Today we are back to the world stage? What is our country? No news there. Not only moral sense. Where do we waste the money. I can not use proper waste and today we are the world stage and become poor. Smoking is not just more, in many ways, we are the resource waste. Which can not be estimated.
Smoking is an inhuman economic waste for poor countries like ours. The country belongs to the people mourning dumutho bread, ardhahare starving spend the day, wandering naked in the streets, in the absence of the residence on the pavement, the railway station to spend the night, nor in the country, like people smoking, which has spent billions listen really surprising. It would benefit the country or some of this waste could be a result of smoking will still be accepted. Where are the benefits of our state or the private lives of millions of dollars to spend, then why are there? This is my smoking brothers question of conscience.
Discuss the physical and financial aspects of smoking . Let’s come to discuss the environmental causes of smoking.
1. Tobacco smoke in the air is polluted.
2. Stand by to drop part of the cigarette burns in the end, and the environment is being destroyed.
3. Smoker, smoking is smoking, she sat next to the extent of being victims of the same routes.
Etana world how much smoking or national life that she was part of the discussion.

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