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Back pain & Symptom, casuases and Remedies

There are many causes of back pain. 90 percent of the ‘mechanical problems. Mechanical problems, spinal cord to the muscles, partially torn, the disc between two vertebrae problems, change the positions of the vertebrae and the spinal curvature transition is specified. Movement of subsistence, too much to carry the load or weight, spinal extra movement, continuous sitting or standing in any work, spinal injuries positional error is above the waist. Other factors that increase the spinal decay, knotty arthritis, osteoporosis, spinal neurological problems, tumors, cancer, bone TB, waist muscle problems, a variety of abdominal viscera, disease or infection, several problems, spinal cord blood ductwork problems, malnutrition The problem, fat or extra weight, etc. corporation.
Waist pain or sudden severe pain can be increased gradually. Handling or activities may be intensified to severe pain. There may be pain in the hip or from the waist down to the feet or legs may lead to the waist. A lot of pain from the waist
Spinal cord from the back of the head can be. The patient can not stand or sit for long periods. walk, or may be stuck when it comes to legs, pain in one leg, two legs, or one could get off. If the pain in the lower part of the bed. If it continues for a long time the patient’s waist and leg muscles can be reduced, and dry, all patients lose mobility.
Since the latter is an international problem waist pain in this world; Prevention is better than cure, so the problem.

Casuases : One of the main causes of back pain is offering is a little off. Spinal Decay (degenerative condition) of degenerative diseases of the neck area of ​​the spinal cord spandailosisa cervical spinal cord of the bones, muscles, etc. githa. Vertebrae or discs and other githa intarabharatibrala bharatibra gulo one another on the covers of the spinal cord. Between the two bones of the disk, other githa, ligaments and bones thakemerudandera decay with age, all things surrounding the canal or canal, (bharatibrala Canal), which comes down from the brain through the spinal cord and the nerve roots of the tree of gulo With the rise in the spread of the spinal bones sarirebayasa change it. Bharatibra or disks between the vertebrae in the fragile water is reduced, the height is reduced and a lot of time behind cipte the pain caused by pressure on the nerve called the reduction in the height of the disc prolapsaei discs are made with small bones or which astiophaita This piece can generate pain with pressure on the nerve substitutions.
Age: 40 years old, the age of the disease begins to change etispandailosisera ages ago since no kono case.
Almost equal proportion of male or female patients.
The front of the neck to pesah jhukiye disease observed in all obeyed Such chairs sitting at the table work, computer work, such as the type of job that is jhakuni Writer ityadigharera dancers, bicycling is to navigate the job, etc ..
Medicine: an evaluation of the patient after the treatment group drugs, sore muscles drugs are applied. Many of the drugs are steroids in the spinal cord. Since there is a certain level of side effects or because drugs must be an expert. This medicine physician to the patient as well as Electromagnetic radiation, ultrasound therapy and offer a variety of exercises. Without it running around medicine are applied to specific or brace. Such treatment, however, where there is better not to.
Surgery: If the patient’s condition does not change even after a long run of Medicine medical condition of the patient in accordance with the waist-spinal operation or surgery is needed. After surgery the patient expe

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