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Common fever & way of affect , kinds of fever and remedy

Common Cold or cold : The trend in our country is a viral cold. Cold if patients feel sick, feverish takes effect, over the head, nose and shed water. Comes sneeze. Mucus through the nose can leave. The nose can be turned off. Neck pain, may increase the number of white blood cells.fever
More children than adults in cold trend. Because the virus is found in a variety of weather changes, cold illness. Children are affected about seven-eight times this cold is a viral infection in a year. Children are not as if the house is more sick, more than sick when the school is open. Because the order of the infection the virus spreads rapidly through. Any child to school if they are cold, infection spreads rapidly among the other children. So if a child is sick because of the cold not to force him to school. After being treated well, if necessary, he will send you to school. Without it, the child will have to pay special attention to general cleaning.

A two-day diseases like cold and did not have the doubt. Since ancient times, the trend of the cold. Scientific explanation of the lining of the upper respiratory tract cold is actually a viral infection. Rain virus the cold virus name. Types of this virus is 113. This is because 50 per cent of cold viruses. Any viruses that are responsible for 50 percent of the rest of the cold, it is not yet known. The bacteria may be due to cold;. Bacterial galabyatha with cold, throat swelling, sore throat may have. Because of the cold, it may take more dust in her breathing, which causes symptoms such as body went cold. Whose blood group ‘A’ and ‘AB’ in over their cold. Girls have a tendency cold for a short time in the mid-cycle. The reason is not yet known.

The influenza cold: It could be any time of the year. However, the incidence of cold and saratei. influenza ‘A’ and ‘B’ Fu known to cause disease, meaning nose and throat infections. Suddenly a lot of fever may increase (101 degrees), with the gabyatha, bukabyatha, weakness, leg myaja to myaja.
Many colds during the summer. The name of the summer cold. Fever, sneezing, coughing, galabyatha. Entarobhairasa the name of the virus that is responsible for this. The body of the stomach. This virus is responsible for about ten percent of the cold. A well-known virus called respiratory sinasitiyala short RSV virus. A virus infection may lead to pneumonia from the cold. According to the scientists, the Earth once in about every child is infected with the virus. Three weeks after the birth of children up to one year are at risk of virus infection. There may be complicated by pneumonia, infections and even brain damage. After three years of age can reduce the risk of RSV infection.

Disease prevention efforts throughout the world is cold. As a prophylactic vitamin C-rich fruit has to do. Vitamin C strengthens the body’s defenses. As a result, the virus-infected cells are destroyed. Vitamin C enhances the body’s natural production of pratiraksakera. Ñ ​​such as interferon, prostaglandins, the limposaita and plenty imyunoglabulina are made. Vitamin C is a histaminabirodhi functionality. This increases the body’s oxygen supply. Bisamukta body.
There is much discussion of the process to prevent cold. How to avoid cold, it includes many of the studies. Sneezing, coughing and even kissed by the common cold virus to spread the idea. In fact, with the palms of the hand in contact with the cold virus spread. A healthy person shaking hands with an infected person, the infected person reaches the door handle that, can spread the virus took hold of the handle. In such places, the virus can survive up to three days. Therefore, to avoid infection hand smoke all over the road. Be careful cleaning. When I got too cold to rest, drink lots of water and vitamin C to take.

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