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HIV or AIDS & Signs and symptoms, Causes and Remedies

HIV or AIDS is a life-threatening health problems. The HIV / AIDS is no effective treatment has been discovered. The best way to prevent transmission of HIV prevention, treatment, and study and awareness about AIDS.

AIDS is an infectious disease, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus infection. It weakens the body’s immune system. HIV infection and other diseases such as pneumonia, may even cancer. HIV infection next dhapakei AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is called.

Depending on the phase of infection with HIV and AIDS symptoms are different.

Signs and symptoms of AIDS
Usually in the early stages of infection:aids -
Broken neck
Lymph node swelling arise (Swollen lymph glands)
Body reddish grains (Rash) signs and symptoms.

The next time the infection usually
Joint swelling arise (Swollen lymph nodes)
Body weight commas
Cough and shortness of breath signs and symptoms.

The last stage of infection usually
Sweating at night too
A few weeks 100 Fahrenheit (38 s.) Or more fever or shivering
Dry cough and difficulty breathing
Prolonged diarrhea
Wry mouth or tongue or white stain
Everything is vague and distorted views
Experience severe fatigue
Joint swelling in more than three months, signs and symptoms.

In children, the symptoms of HIV
Weight does not increase
Normal growth until
Whilst the problem
Be delayed mental development
Ear infections, pneumonia, and common health problems such as tonsil is aggravated

Causes of AIDS
Physical relationship
Infected with HIV through blood exchange
Through the use of needles and syringes used by anyone
Syringes due to the accident
Pregnant women infected with HIV, the delivery time may be affected by this disease breastfeeding the baby.
If any body organ or tissue transplantation or to sterilize medical treatment or operation of the equipment, if that is not.

AIDS is not spread
When eating with an infected person
Payakhana used by an infected person (Toilet) when used
Asking hands with an infected person
Sports with an infected person, the cutlery
This dish eat rice
When to call a doctor

Early and later stages of the disease symptoms appear to be in contact with the doctor.

Where medical Remind
Medical College Hospital
Infectious disease hospital
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University
Private Hospital
Specialized Health NGO

Remedies of HIV Diseases

What kind of tests may be needed
Blood tests (ELISA and Western blot tests)
Mouth of mucus test (Oral Mucus)
Medicines the doctor’s advice and guidance to comply.
HIV / AIDS affected lifestyles
Physical relations do not
Pregnancy is not
Specialist doctor
According to the doctor’s advice and guidance on medicines adherence
Taking preventive
Balanced diet, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, etc., eating
The diet can lead to infection, such as those who abstain from eating raw foods
Clean water to drink
Regular physical exercise
Adequate sleep and rest
Abstain from smoking and drinking
Hands carefully cleaned
How AIDS can be prevented
Secure physical relations
To establish a sexual relationship with someone infected with HIV to abstain from
Unclean and do not use the needle used to somebody
Somebody has to take blood tests for HIV were
Regular blood tests
HIV-infected persons do not use the blades and toothbrush
Taking proper care of the pregnant
Carefully to their physical safety and security in mind

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