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Liver disease & Symptoms , spread and cure of liver disease

The liver is the largest organ in the body. Such a large it is very important in the body . For the peace of body needs to keep a healthy liver. Sickness in our body is to bring the lever problem , pain and even quit prematurely. Like any other instrument or machine to machine the body with energy. The energy comes from food. We eat direct energy can be produced from it. Complex food is processed by the liver is stored in suitable for energy production and energy production in the cells according to the body’s cells. The liver is the body’s power-house. Not only that, the body produces a variety of contaminated material from the body to the liver and is pure. Unintentional or intentional toxic substances enter the body by the liver . Different types of protein substances which are essential for the body.liver
Liver disease:
Important parts of this disease could be affected. Some diseases are hereditary , some diseases acquired. Some diseases are short and quite good; Chronic diseases, which takes away the complicated life-even despite treatment. Hepatitis or liver inflammation of the liver of the disease across the world. This inflammation may be due to various factors. Cars of the A, B, C, D, E, called the hepatitis virus. Water and food contaminated with hepatitis A and hepatitis E virus, acute or short-lasting inflammation of the liver, which is in most cases fully recovered. Chronic inflammation responsible for hepatitis B, C and D virus. Many reasons can cause inflammation of the liver. Without the virus and additional alcohol, liver fat accumulation, various drugs and chemicals have hepatitis. Auto-immune hepatitis disease of unknown cause inflammation of the liver that can cause diseases, and genetic diseases.
The reason caused inflammation, chronic or chronic hepatitis, liver cells die, if it continues, year after year. Ineffective and unnecessary deadly disease called cirrhosis leads to tissue occupied Sesotho. The efficacy of liver cirrhosis gradually diminishes. Our country is the main cause of liver cirrhosis and hepatitis B and C. This part of the developed world have extra alcohol or alcohol-induced hepatitis. In addition, several studies have come up in recent times, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis has become one of the reasons. The second major cause of cirrhosis in our country, as it appears to be responsible. Diabetes, blood fat of high fat accumulation due to various body organs like the liver is fatty liver.
The bacteria and parasites may produce liver or boil. More ever deadly liver cancer and can mass. Cirrhosis is the most prone to cancer in them.
Hepatitis A virus is spread to:
Hepatitis A and E are spread through contaminated food and water. Adults in many parts of the world, mainly because of jaundice and hepatitis E virus. When we are out of the room-when the food, water, fruit juice, etc., does not verify the source and purity many fields. Moreover, the water supply line to become infected with the virus outbreak cases of jaundice is not new. Boil water, eating and eating so not understand there is no alternative. It’s not just the Hepatitis A and typhoid, and many water-borne diseases like diarrhea can not subsist.
Personal immoral behavior spread through blood and hepatitis B and C viruses. Many people through the use of contaminated blood transfusions or contaminated series became his disease patients. The shaving razors, razor blades, or through the use of two of the virus may be spreading. B hepatitis B virus attacked her after the birth of sons and 90 percent more likely to be attacked. B virus is spread through the mother’s milk. Social interaction and patient use of such materials, such as glass through clothes, the disease does not spread.
Symptoms of  liver diseases : 
Acute hepatitis, appetite, body aches, nausea or vomiting and some days it became yellow urine color and eyes. At the time, the body may cause itching. Jaundice found increased gradually diminishes. Most of the early stages of chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis patients have symptoms do not. Some weakness, languor or appetite can feel. B and C, but the disease is cured much of hepatitis advanced liver cirrhosis or liver cancer may be affected till the patient often does not feel the physical difficulties. These patients may be swollen abdomen clogged stomach, vomiting blood or black closet, or risk life may be unconscious. Many people in our country to go abroad during blood test, or the blood, or the hepatitis B vaccine, while others can learn.
What to do if you have liver disease:
If the patient has no symptoms of liver or suspected or confirmed cases of the virus in your body specialist doctor without delay. Expert advice is better than all of the liver. He was diagnosed with the disease, because of you, for the disease and the disease is caused by the complexity of the current state of medical knowledge and advice will be needed. Hepatitis A and E are caused in most cases of the disease. In some cases, however, complications can occur. Hepatitis E virus has affected 8% of pregnant mothers die. During the last trimester, the mother suffering from severe hepatitis E inflammatory. Acute hepatic failure in the case of others can complicate life. Do not ever neglect the jaundice. Chronic hepatitis is responsible for the effective medication against Hepatitis B and C, all the specifications are available now in our country. So do not get frustrated in the liver adviser.
Cure of Liver Diseases :
Take hepatitis B vaccine
acarana risky  physical , such as unsafe, to avoid using the same needle or sirinja bahujanera.
Safe Blood Transfusion use needles. Blades, razors, brushes; Many people stop using razor.
to control body weight.
Eat more vegetables and fruits 0 fat diet and eat less.
of alcohol and other drugs to avoid such.
clean water and food to poor intake.
Keep control of diabetes and hypertension.
Be parichanna cleaning.
The last word: humans have only one lever and it is essential for subsistence. Liver disease may be the result of the extensive and severe cases. However, liver disease is not necessarily going to be the end of all things. With proper treatment at the right time and in many cases a complete healing of aniramaya jargon-free living is fairly normal way.

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