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Bad breath , Causes and Remedies for bad breath

Depending on the personality and beauty of the face so many health as well as the bad breath. But too often malodorous breath or become annoying problem. Some are not aware of such a state. Be aware and follow some rules and get rid of this problem.
Causes of bad breath : Each meal while taking food into the mouth between your teeth, gums, the accumulation of scale is created. It arises from the inflammation of the gums.
Mouth sores or wounds of any kind.
Crooked teeth and germs due to the location of khadyakana.
The fungus and the fungus in the mouth.
Mouth cancer.
Dental cysts or tumors.
Lesions due to an accident.
Dry mouth may be caused by other diseases of the body, such as peptic ulcer or digestive disorders, liver disease, pregnancy, kidney, rheumatic disease, diabetes or gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, throat or stomach cancer, AIDS, mental disorders, nose , ear, throat disease.bad breat

Remedies for bad breath : Use Advanced cleaner paste with a brush and clean all parts of the inside-out (after three meals).
Use gram tongue for tongue cleaning. Available in stainless steel or plastic tongue gram.
Any such mouth wash away with the spoon in the mouth for 30 seconds to a few hot salt water . At least twice daily, morning and night after dinner.
Put the cardamom seed in the mouth for a long time or leisure.
After each meal (which is something to eat, such as biscuits, snacks fruits ) If possible, brush your teeth or remove rest of food .
Smoking or chewing tobacco products, drinking, etc. Please leave.Regular mouth, teeth, gums and tongue, not to take care of the main causes of bad breath. bacteria smelly breath on his tongue beginning to nestle. In addition, bad breath can be caused by taking medication regularly.
The bacteria can be understood by looking tongue. Tongues will understand when bacteria invade the tongue is rough and bumpy. Any definition of the tongue must be cleaned every day. Three types of bacteria are attacking tongue. And so, as well as the tongue will have to clean up any definition .
Khadyakana accumulation of a lot of time in between your teeth or gums to rot. Dental floss, toothpick (vinyl sterilizing needle) out of the foods.

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