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Normal weight and How to loss weight in yourself

Normal weight

Many of us follow various diet plans for weight loss . If you follow the diet plan and exercise regularly we can loss our weight, that we know all. But the weight loss rate can be increased up to 70 percent by following a small system .

weight loss After years , scientists research to find the desire material that will help us to minimize the weight . Scientists vulgar man who conducted a study. She was observed in 11 persons, they would eat about 800 calories less per day than their needs. According to the blood level of vitamin D, the low level of fat to get rid of them more quickly and have more than. Most of the more than 70 percent of this amount.
The usefulness of vitamin D to reduce the fat has been a lot of research. Most Research was to reduce fat, vitamin D, vitamin D has been described as a particularly useful. However, keep in mind, vitamin D, vitamin D plays only to reduce weight but the quality of the controller can reduce your fat or weight that it is not. Hold the fat or weight loss diet you’re doing or free hand exercise and eating foods containing vitamin D, your fat or weight up to 70 percent higher and faster than normal decline.
And what do we get vitamin D to the discussion. From the Early morning sun in our body produces vitamin D. The mechanical life is to enjoy the morning sun, few of us are lucky. So many of us have to rely on different foods or supplementary . Mushrooms, as well as a variety of marine fish ,vitamin D is found in eggs. However, the most effective amount of vitamin D is found in cod liver .
So if you want more quickly and reduce the amount of fat and weight, diet plan and exercise of free hand with vitamin D and receive. I hope everyone is well.

Per kilogram of body weight and body height in meters, the height of the weight of the bar to share.
BMI = weight (kg) ÷ height (m) ÷ height (m)
According to your health status, BMI –
Less than Normal 18.5 BMI (kg / m b)
Normal BMI of 18.5 – 229 (kg / m b)
More than Normal BMI 3 – 249 (kg / m b)
Over weight (class 1) BMI 5 – 299 (kg / m b) (Grade 2) BMI over 30 (kg / m b) or more
The BMI as well as the ratio of waist and hip size can also be used to calculate more weight and obesity.
Waist size (cm) ÷ hip size (cm)
The ideal ratio =
– Men <0.9
– Women <0.8
Fat deposited on the stomach than other parts of the body (Central adiposity) is much more dangerous. Besides the risk of heart disease by diabetes is diagnosed.

Exact weight is good for your health . If your weight is higher, there is the option to reduce it. Many people are faced with the danger of haste to reduce the weight. In this article the following ways to lose your body get rid of excess weight.

 Some Ways to loss weight
1. Make your own meal yourself
Is your cooking not good in your hands? After your own hands to make a few recipes for cooking healthy meals.
2. DVD to practice
Now many DVD available in a variety of ways to exercise. DVD practices such as seeing enough benefits.
3. Services to learn Size
Fill the dish is meant to be taken with food to eat, skip the idea. Please take a little food in small containers.
4. Take before and after photos
Conscious about your weight before and after picture. Compare the two pictures.
5. Dance
Dance is a physical practice. The weight reduction is possible.
6. Food Items to learn
Of food for your body to learn what is good and what is bad meal. Accordingly, taking the healthy food.
7. Bring diversity training
If your physical practice becomes monotonous if it does not do. This diversification will bring the physical training.
8. Imagine that
For example you want to make your health good conditions. It would be in your interest.

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