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Tobacco & Causes of addicted, Detriment of tobacco use and How to reduce the use of tobacco


Tobacco leaves in a small plant, which is grown in almost all over the world.  In the sixteenth century from South America brought tobacco to europe. Since prehistoric times people have used tobacco in different ways , pipes, cigars, chewing tobacco, in addition to landed, chewing tobacco, etc. people get habit to use tobacco from friends or colleagues . After the regular use of tobacco people affect by nicotine which is in tobacco .

Causes of addicted:tobacco

There are many causes to addict in using tobacco . Many people are addicted by their friends or to see from their parents . Most of the cases are responsible for the failure from any struggle . Some people suffer from frustration as a result they take many kinds of drugs and also take tobacco . When any person rejected from job, loss the love or money and fall over thinking on that situation they take tobacco . There are some people who think the tobacco is good for some diseases and they use the tobacco as a remedies .

Detriment of tobacco use :

Thousands of people died of various diseases caused by tobacco use every year due to passive smoking and millions of people are infected with various diseases. People spend of eight million dollars cost of smoking every day. The treatment of various diseases affected by smoking cost 11 million a year. Tobacco is the Devastating consequences for global public health. The human lung disease is one of the consequences . The disease is much more affected than other non-smoker.The number of deaths from lung cancer of any smokers the risk 5 to 8 times more than a non smoker . It depends on the using of tobacco .Female smokers increase the tendency of womb cancer.Veins and blood flow to the brain is interrupted as a result of smoking cigarettes can lead to stroke. Some died from stroke. Some live with paralysis and lead them life in very difficult . Some cases smoking cigarettes can cause bleeding in the brain. As a result of cigarette consumption in any part of the intestine (from the lips to the anus) may cause cancer. Cancer become in any of the intestine is not abnormal for smokers. esophageal cancer have a deeper relationship with the smoker. The risk of esophageal cancer for a smoker is eight times more than non smoker .The smokers colon and Anus are also risk of becoming cancer . Smoking is the leading cause of peptic ulcer . Smoking prevent to cure peptic ulcer. Sometimes, stomach and bladder cancer might be due to using more tobacco.The smoke from cigarettes thrown nitrogen oxide reduces lung capacity to contract.

How to reduce the use of tobacco :

By highlighting the harmful consequences of smoking influence on the people of the developing world public opinion can play an important role in causing and allowing the government to warn.The World Health Organization and the major powers in the international non-governmental organizations in developing countries through the adoption of effective programs to highlight the problems caused by smoking. Each government anti-smoking policy in developing countries to encourage them to include in their responsibilities.

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