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Breast cancer & Symptoms , Causes and Treatment of breast cancer

Death rates of breast cancer is the most in women . Usually more than 50-year-olds had the highest risk of this cancer. Actually, this is the amazing thing about cancer women were more aware, but was trying to force men to be aware of. Because breast cancer can occur in men. Although men and breast cancer rates are very low. Seen as one of 41 women with breast cancer in some country each year are compared to only 300 men were affected.when Some of the cells of the breast grew abnormal then occurs breast cancer . For most women, this disease causes a panic .breast cancer

Symptoms of breast cancer :
Breast cancer usually occurs in the following symptoms:
Breast to feel like a resin
Blood comes out from the Pap
Changing the breast size and shape
Changing breast skin , such as toll-read
Pap goes into the inner side
Skin began to dry from the Pap
Breast skin becomes holes like orange peel .

Causes of breast cancer :

The risk of breast cancer in women than men and more
Women over 60 years of age
If a breast cancer may be affected by other
Mother, sister or daughter, if breast cancer
Genetic (Genes) due
From radiation (Radiation Exposure)
If the person is too fat .
If early menstrual cycle
If more than age (Menopause)
If taking the child in over the age .
Women who took hormone therapy
If drink too much alcohol .

Treatment of breast cancer :
Memograma (Mammogram) or breast X-ray
Breast Ultrasound (Breast ultrasound)
Rijonyansa breast Magnetic Imaging (Breast magnetic resonance imaging, (MRI))
Biopsy (Biopsy)
Blood tests
Chest X-ray
Tamographi computerized scans (Computerized tomography (CT) scan)
Positron emission tamographi * Scan (Positron emission tomography (PET) scan)

Depending on the type of breast cancer, breast kyansorera treatment, stage of cancer, on whether the cells are sensitive to hormones. Most women who have breast surgery, as well as other additional treatment. For example, chemotherapy, hormones, therapy or radiation therapy.

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