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Breast pain & its Causes and Remedies

Breast pain:  Many women have been held yet but in most cases the disease is not associated with breast pain. It may hurt your breasts, or any other reason may be. Most women experience pain in their breasts at different times, and the actual cause of the pain can be so many things. During the period it very normal breast pain, it is no concern. Because of hormonal changes in the body is a result of the pain only.

However, many women are worried about breast pain because they do not know the reasons why and what is breast pain. Know about the 7 possible causes breast pain.

Hormonal changes in the body
Adolescent girls are naturally the period they are breast mild pain. Even before the time period of the breast pain. Before and after a period of hormonal changes in the body is the pain. So there is no reason to fear. At the end of this period, there is pain.

During pregnancy
During pregnancy, women experience breast pain. Pregnant women, breast pain usually begins during the quarter because it increases breast size. And a lot of time on the breast can be seen in the blue veins because blood flow is more than the body, and a lot of hormonal changes.

Breast inflammation
When the problem is a lot of women breast pain is caused by inflammation of the breast. It is a virus, bacteria or a devastating attack. So at this point, of course, have to be careful and take your temperature for the pain to come. These problems should consult a doctor.

Cysts in the breast
One type of breast cysts, there are a lot of time inside the liquid materials inside, and the name of the bridge cysts. Increases when the breast glands occurs in a lot of these cysts. These cysts are pain in the breast. Increases the size of the cysts in the chest, then you, too, can experience the cysts. Breast cysts realize as soon as possible should go to a specialist.

Baby milk feeding
After the child’s mother during breast-feeding women are getting breast pain. Always the child before and after breast-feeding, because it is better to clear the virus, bacteria or fungus, there is likely to be.

Sore breasts
There are a lot of time due to a blow to the breast is breast pain. And this is the problem mainly occurs when bacteria nipale breast feeding the child when the virus attacks. This kind of problem should go to the doctor.

Breast Cancer
Chest pain is a serious cause of breast cancer. But then when you have breast pain, breast cancer for a long time feel.

Remedies of Breast pain : 

In the top of the breast is a very natural way to be in pain,  you have to be aware that when you get rid of the pain of the breast.

1. Wear your breast size bra. Avoid small bra.

2 . Healthy foods that are low in fat and high in nutrients.

3. Keep control of your body’s hormonal changes in the body weight, the problem will go away.

4. Vitamin B-6, vitamin B1 (thiamin), and vitamin E, this is very helpful for all the components of your body. All these elements should be taken so rich diet.

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