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Dandruff and how to remedy from dandruff naturally

dandrufDandruff is a big threaten to all of us.
After passing summer the winter comes with cold weather. The dam at the dandruff spread across the whole hair. The results from the head to drop large amounts of hair. One reason for the increased incidence of winter we have a bath with warm water in the winter, which is the head of the dry skins . Many of us do not know, maybe that’s too cold or too much heat is increased dandruff nuisance. If you have the ingredients on hand without the use of chemicals products, natural way to get rid of dandruff, but the patience to read the whole article, to remove, you will certainly benefit.
3 tablespoons lemon water for the whole night and the next day is a very good way to take ground. Then, with one tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of yogurt and put it on the 30/35 minutes. After shampoo, rinse with cold water. Use once a week.
Neem leaves:
Neem leaves is highly beneficial for dandruff is very easy to use domestic components. Handful of neem leaves 4/5 cup warm water and soak the whole night. Morning, strain the water can wash the hair, or if you want to put it in the palm of blending raw neem leaves 1 hour wait. Then wash with water. To two times a week.
Lemon : 
Lemon is one of the elements of the skin, hair, everything is beneficial. Do not tinker with the lemon juice, then never. Lemon juice can be in the acid repay good. 3/4 lemon peel and cook for 4-5 minutes in a cup of water to 0. Cold with this solution and wash the hair after shampoo. Another pack for the release of the talking dandruff. 5 with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of coconut oil is good f Eat it. After 30-35 minutes, then put it on scalp and remove shampoo. Lemon juice is very beneficial for reducing the domestic component of dandruff. Skalpa it clear from the flake.
T-tree oil :
This oil is found in our country is a bit cumbersome, but at the body shop to get the oil. When the head of dandruff raid skalpe much oil spill occurs. However, there are some oil could control it. T-tree oil is one of them. This oil is extracted from the leaves of which are used to reduce dandruff . One table camacati tree oil, 1 cup of hot water and take a spray bottle. Take a spray bottle with hot water. Shake well with the oil. Massage the shampoo to the hair spray. Wait for additional moisture drying. But do not wash with water.
Modified egg whites :
This took a while before the mask. We will use yogurt and yogurt maskatite but feels his refrigerated for 3 days from the outside was open. Eat well in the first part of the egg white. With two tablespoons of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of yogurt. After 30-40 minutes to put this pack herbal hair shampoo and wash culata.
Vinegar :
Vinegar is one of the main elements of freedom from dandruff. Regular use of potassium and enzymes ichi skalpa therein and to cure dandruff. Take a cotton pad vinegar. Then cut the hair and apply on delivery. 1 hour before bath and keep it for two days a week.
Compound :
The Compound We know many others do not know. This moth balls are used to create the anti-icim cream. Skalpe kyamaphora coconut oil mixed with a few days of the head. If the day to get rid of dandruff problem very quickly.
Henna leaves :
Even though many of us used Henna leaves hair Rough hair and his taste for the many problems that can be avoided to a great extent from the tyranny of dandruff. However, the night before planting to pack like hair oil massage will not be the Rough hair. Take a teaspoon of tea leaves in the water to boil. Wait until the water is cold. Then one of henna leaf powder or raw henna leaves, yogurt, a few drops of lemon juice mixed together. After half an hour, then put this paste to the root of hair wash the hair with cold water. Dandruff-free hair pack 1 for the 15-day use.

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