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pragenant women & proper Care of pragenant women

food of pregnancyThe health of the unborn child depends on health and nutrition of pregnant mother . At the time Insufficient food and malnutrition can be fatal for the mother and baby. Infected malnourished mothers give birth the low weight, unhealthy children . Providing the necessary nutrients from the mother’s body during pregnancy children raise properly. In the case of being sick of the mother’s health is not met when the mother supply the nutrition to the child . For this during pregnancy the mother should eat more food than the usual amount . Some of the girls become pregnant at an early age in our country, and almost everyone is suffering from malnutrition. Malnourished children born as a result sometimes women who give birth the dead child .

Prenatal care:
Eat 3 meals per day regularly and try to increase the limit of food .
Eat Fish, meat, eggs, milk, dense branches, dark green vegetables and seasonal local fruit . Enough to be used in cooking oil
confirming the Pregnancy take one iron folic acid tablet everyday after the dinner.
Eat Vitamin C foods during pregnancy .
After 3 months of pregnancy every day (morning and afternoon), take two calcium tablets in full stomach.
Take Plenty of rest during pregnancy ( two hours after meals and at night 8 hours after diner )
Pregnant women should be physical and mental peace , it would be normal growth to the unborn child .
Heavy work (such as wells pressed, rice sack, heavy things, raising additional / heavy wash) should refrain .
Should take iodine with salt
After the first 3 months one deworming tablets should to take .
Should be clear and clean .

Medical check up :

pregnant health check at least four times (the mother’s weight, anemia, blood pressure, to examine the position of the baby in the womb)
1st Health Test = 16 weeks (4 months)
2nd Health Check = 4-8 weeks (6-7 months)
3rd Health Test = 3 week (8 months)
4th Health Test = 36 weeks (9 months)
Prevention and treatment of infectious diseases
5 doses of tetanus vaccine to be completed (the first 8 days after the second vaccination to vaccination, 6 months after the third immunization, 1 year after the 4th vaccination and 1 year after the 5th immunization). TT vaccine immunization program should be completed to include 5. If 5 of the vaccine will take longer. If the 1st dose taken or his second dose should be given, if the second dose is taken if the 3rd dose should be given (II dose was at least 6 months), if the 3rd dose was the 4th dose will (3rd dose was at least 1 year after), if he has taken the 4th dose will give him a dose of the 5th (4th dose was at least 1 year after)
If you do not have any of TT vaccine and pregnancy 5 months after the start of vaccination TT vaccine will take two, the rest of the schedule will take tikagulo.
For long-lasting immunity 5 TT immunization schedules defined:
1st dose (TT1): 15 years of age or older at first childbirth bhijite
2nd dose (TT2): 1 st dose taken at least 1 month (4 weeks) after the
3rd dose (TT3): The second dose at least 6 months after the
4th dose (TT4): 3 rd dose of at least 1 year after taking
5th dose (TT5): 4 th dose of at least 1 year after taking
To prevent malaria and filaria masari (if possible drugs) to be used

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